Measuring accountability | Long-termism vs. short-termism| The leadership cliff

Welcome to my weekly update of the most interesting news in the world of high accountability leadership.

I’m all about building leadership accountability to drive results. And this week, there’s some great thinking on how to build and measure a culture of accountability in your workplace.

There’s also a range of great other leadership reads, and I’d love to hear your thoughts. You can always reach me by replying directly to this email.

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The accountability equation
A structured framework for accountability may help to reduce confusion across your team about who is accountable for what. This article proposes an accountability equation that helps to build accountability and diagnose the source of problems. (Strategy + Business)

Long-termism is just as bad as short-termism
Too many companies are managed as if there is an inevitable business trade off between short-term and long-term strategies. This article explains why business leaders need to instead refocus on the fundamentals of steering a company. (HBR)

Leadership accountability – A positive, simple approach
A leader that successfully holds themselves accountable will see gains in employee engagement, team alignment, trust and sharpened skills. Some simple and effective tips for becoming an accountable leader. (Smartblogs)

Why are so many managers useless as leaders?
The majority of employees get promoted to a leadership position due to a track record of personal results. But the skills that make you a successful individual contributor are also the skills that will lead to your downfall as a leader. (The Globe and Mail)

Boost brainpower in the workplace
There is strong evidence to suggest that diversity is a valuable competitive asset, especially for companies that strive for innovation. Leaders need to set the tone for people to be able to express their ideas in a diverse business environment. (Huffington Post)

Can companies avoid the leadership cliff?
The actions of an employee’s leader have the greatest effect on driving employee performance. But recent research from Oxford Economics found that only 44% of respondents believe that their leaders are equipped to lead the company to success. (SAP Community Network)

Real rules need to be explicit
It’s difficult to hold your team members to a standard that doesn’t clearly exist. This article explains why behaviours need to be determined and agreed upon within a group and be made explicit. (Management Issues)

Do your leaders deliver results consistently on-time and on-budget? Gillian Fox is an expert in leadership development to build accountability across your organisation.

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