Leadership development pipelines: a critical focus area for 2015

Welcome back to our fortnightly update of all the latest articles on leadership and high-performance teams.

I hope everyone had a very relaxing and enjoyable Christmas break! The first edition of the year focuses on the leadership pipeline and development of high potentials. There’s some new and thought-provoking ideas to consider in 2015.

As always, we love hearing from you. What are your priorities in leadership development for 2015?

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Who are the stars?
Star performers are not born, but can be made. Once potential stars are identified, smart companies can effectively cultivate their development by focusing on self-awareness, action learning and role modelling. (Insead)

How to prevent experts from hoarding knowledge
Organisations need to be able to ensure knowledge transfer across generations. Many retirees refuse to share their experience-based, business critical knowledge. This knowledge is valuable to the organisation and can drive current and future success. (Harvard Business Review)

Taking the sting out of criticism at work
Accepting criticism at work can be hard for the best of us, but getting defensive is self-defeating. This article discusses how your employees can respond to negative feedback to get the most out of constructive criticism. (Fortune)

Finding leaders early
Companies who made it on to the 2014 Global Aon Hewitt 2014 Top Companies for Leaders list are more focused than ever on the development of their leadership pipeline. Top companies identify and assess would-be leaders early on in their careers. (Human Resources Executive Online)

For leaders, looking healthy matters more than looking smart
New evidence suggests that healthy-looking individuals are perceived to be better leaders, even more so than intelligent-looking people. This study suggests that a subtle bias may affect leadership development planning. (Harvard Business Review)

5 forward looking ideas to help you be a more effective leader in 2015
To develop your team’s accountability to results and deadlines, managers and leaders also need to have a focus on real and substantiative accountability. This article discusses this idea as as a leadership focus areas for 2015. (Forbes)

Men and women at work: unhappy, but productive
Researchers posit that shifting an all-male or all-female team to a co-ed one would increase revenues by 41%. This is despite the fact that employees report higher job satisfaction when in a team staffed with their own gender. (The Wall Street Journal)

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