Is there a simple way to get more women into leadership?

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The career advancement of women is a subject that is rightfully gaining more and more business attention. This week I’d like to share with you a particularly interesting piece from the World Economic Forum. It suggests that increasing female representation within the world’s leadership teams may be simpler than we think.

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One simple way to get more women into leadership
According to the Global Gender Gap Report, we will close the employee economic gender gap in about 80 years time. This author argues for a very simple potential solution. (Agenda)

Why diversity matters
New research by McKinsey makes it increasingly clear why diversity is important. The study finds that companies in the top quartile for diversity are more likely to financially outperform than those in the bottom quartile. (McKinsey) 

10 ways to retain great employees
Research shows that the top 5% of employees produce 26% of an organisations total output. While top employees are hard to keep, there are things that managers can do to reduce the chances of losing their best employees. (

6 ways CEOs can stay accountable
Building a framework of accountability will ensure that you will stay on track with projects, goals and the vision for your company. This article lists 6 steps to help increase your accountability. (Entrepreneur)

Being experienced doesn’t automatically make you a good mentor
There can actually be a liability of experience when it comes to coaching or mentoring. Coaches need to be aware of how their own experience might actually hold others back. (Harvard Business Review)

Transactional or transformational – which leadership style is best?
Researchers have found that there are two distinct types of leadership – transactional and transformational. The report found a strong relationship between transformational leadership and job satisfaction amongst employees. (Switch & Shift)

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