Gender balance as a strategic opportunity

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I’ve always believed that when gender balance is seen as a strategic opportunity, true workplace diversity will quickly follow. Two articles I’ve come across this week look at gender biases and barriers – and how they can be tackled. The articles agree (as do I) that the answer lies in leadership accountability and highlighting the positive outcomes of diversity.

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Tackle bias in your company without making people defensive
The fact that all humans are biased to some degree is well researched, but most people don’t take well to accusations of bias. The key is positioning gender balance as an opportunity, not a problem. (Harvard Business Review)

How women leaders are challenging male-dominated industries
Despite the lack of female leaders in Fortune 500 companies, some women outliers are making waves in the tech and mining industries. Leaders (both male and female) need to take accountability to influence gender balance. (Fast Company)

Team leaders need better data, faster
Performance and engagement tools need to be designed for team leaders – not the organisation. If team leaders have access to real-time data they will be able to improve performance and engagement much more effectively. (Harvard Business Review)

Leaders need to be accountable for culture and engagement
The Global Human Capital Trends 2015 study finds that culture and engagement is the most important problem that companies face worldwide. Organisations need to hold their leaders accountable for building a sustainable culture and engaging and retaining their teams. (Deloitte University Press)

Four keys to high-performance succession management
How many leadership roles in your organisation are without ‘ready-now’ successors? Establishing a high-performance succession management process is crucial to the future success of the business. This article proposes four must-read recommendations. (Human Resource Executive Online)

The holy grail of performance management?
If you’re not already using thePerformance vs. Potential matrix (or 9-box grid) this writer has a convincing argument for you. By giving you a multi-dimensional view of your workforce, the matrix allows performance management to have a bigger impact on business strategy. (Fistful of Talent)

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