Are the personalities in your team driving success?

Welcome to our fortnightly update of all the latest articles on leadership and high-performance teams.

As a leader, your personality directly affects the culture and performance of your team (a topic explored in my Influential Leadership program). Likewise, building a team according to personalities can prevent tension. This works to increase productivity further down the line.

The featured articles this week look at the impact of personality on leadership and high-performance teams. If you’ve had personalities affect performance in your team, let me know by replying to this email.

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Personality tests can help balance a team
Selecting team members based on their personality, soft skills, and values may help to reduce tension in the workplace. Many organisations are now using personality profiling to build their teams (and I don’t mean Myers Briggs). (Harvard Business Review)

A culture of personality
New research reveals that CEO personality and corporate culture are strongly linked. Certain personality types are associated with a range of positive outcomes, providing insights into how a CEO’s personality can rub off onto their employees. (Strategy + Business)

The science of reading your co-workers personalities
Some of us are better at reading and reacting to personality than others. Psychologist John D. Mayer calls this ability Personal Intelligence. Personal intelligence helps us communicate better with others and make better choices at work. (Fast Company)

Inside Google’s insanely popular emotional-intelligence course
There are thousands on the waiting list for Google’s Search Inside Yourself training course. Chade-Meng Tan is the engineer-come-self-help-guru that’s behind the course. He describes it as a leadership program that uses the tools of mindfulness and emotional intelligence. (Fast Company)

Do your training efforts drive performance?
Organisations around the world are struggling to measure the impact of training programs on business performance. HR and learning specialists need to take accountability to integrate L&D with overall talent management. (McKinsey)

Why your board needs performance management too
Board-level performance management is the focus of an increasing number of studies. Performance management for boards appears to drive great results for both the organisation and its shareholders. (Cognology)

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