Recruiting for high-performing teams – how Google does it

Welcome to our fortnightly update of all the latest articles on leadership and high-performance teams.

In this edition we look at recruiting for high-performance, with some great insights from Google’s head of HR, Lazlo Bock. In the first article below Lazlo talks to Fast Company about recruiting for ‘Googleyness’ and freedom.

Context is also all-important when identifying and hiring high-performers. The second article explains how you first need to define what ‘high-performance’ means to your company before seeking the ideal candidates.

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Google’s head of HR shares his secrets
The recruitment process at Google is more selective than Harvard, Yale or Princeton. Find out how Lazlo Bock cuts two million applications down to just several thousand. (Fast Company)

Hiring top performers decoded
People that were high-performers in their last company won’t necessarily be high-performers in yours. It all starts by defining what top performance means in your organisation. (People Matters)

What great managers do to engage employees
Managers account for as much as 70% of variance in employee engagement scores. This article discusses the recent research by Gallup, which identified the managerial behaviours that are most strongly linked to employee engagement. (Harvard Business Review)

Leaders win trust when they show a bit of humanity
New survey results reveal that trust in leadership is at an all time low. Here are three suggestions for winning the trust and respect of your team. (Harvard Business Review)

12 signs a company doesn’t trust its employees
If you trust your employees you’ll do a better job of retaining them, maintaining high levels of productivity and attracting new talent. Companies who trust their employees avoid doing these 12 things… (LinkedIn)

Maximising innovation with diversity
Diversity within teams can increase innovation – but diversity across teams could unlock even more creativity. The key here is keeping an eye on the bigger picture when building your teams. (INSEAD)

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