The Importance of having EQ on your team

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Emotional intelligence is one of the biggest differentiators between outstanding leaders and merely average ones. In this edition, I’ve included a selection of articles that look at the importance of EQ in a team environment, as well as ways to handle emotional outbursts on your team.

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How to look for emotional intelligence on your team
EQ is much more difficult to assess than IQ and experience. This article gives an overview of how you can measure EQ in working adults, by looking at general traits and specific behaviours. (Harvard Business Review)

Handling emotional outbursts on your team
Don’t let emotional outbursts hijack your team, as they can stall productivity and limit innovation. The most productive team leaders treat emotional outbursts as what they are: just another form of communication (albeit loaded with motives, values and beliefs). (Harvard Business Review)

Tapping into high-potentials: Programs guiding female talent to the top
Innovative companies are investing in promising female employees with the goal of shaping future leaders. Royal Bank of Canada and Novatis Pharma AG are selecting women for high potential programs, giving them more visibility and exposure to leaders and executives. (Women of Influence)

How to make your employees more engaged and productive
We all want our teams to be more engaged and productive. Investing in collaborative technology, providing autonomy and keeping teams smaller are just a few things that organisations can do to achieve this. (The future organisation)

How positivity makes you healthy and successful
The greater the challenge, the harder “staying positive” can be, especially when our brains are hard-wired to look for threats. This article focuses on two simple steps to train your brain to focus on the positive. (LinkedIn)

What to do if your team is letting you down
Holding people accountable is important for getting the results you want, but expectations must be clearly communicated. Defining exactly what you want can sometimes be the hardest step. (Harvard Business Review)

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