The challenges of changing culture

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We all know that company culture has a major impact on team performance and behaviour in the workplace. But changing culture is incredibly challenging. In this edition, we focus on culture, change and the broader performance impacts across the organisation.

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Culture change tips and traps
Often, an attempt to change culture often occurs without understanding the real barriers to change. Here are some traps that organisations should look out for when attempting cultural change. (Switch & Shift)

Corporate culture’s influence on employee evaluations
New research reveals that a company’s culture can play a large role in performance reviews. Surprisingly, culture can also significantly influence how likely employees and managers are to deliver accurate feedback. (Human Resources Executive Online)

4 reasons managers should spend more time developing a culture of coaching
Leaders who don’t coach are neglecting an effective tool to develop talent. Managers who do coach have a different mindset: they believe in the value of coaching, due to the way that they perceive their role as a manager. (Harvard Business Review)

Dividing team tasks: Is there a better way?
Sometimes, self-managed teams may adopt task divisions that are wrong for the project. It is useful for managers to remind their teams to consider multiple possibilities when dividing tasks. (INSEAD)

The best way to hire from inside your company
Investing in internal recruitment is likely to pay off, as recent research finds that internal hires routinely outperform external hires. But internal hiring isn’t fool proof, and this article addresses some of the common traps. (Harvard Business Review)

Ten teamwork killers and how to avoid them
Being able to lead and work in teams is incredibly important to organisations. In this insightful article, IESE professor Carlos Rodriguez Lleuesma has compiled the 10 most common causes of team failure. (Forbes)

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