Leading and engaging a global team

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More and more leaders today are managing global teams. As a leader, this presents a whole new set of challenges that go far beyond just dealing with different time zones. This week we focus on new thinking for managing team members across the world.

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Collaborating well in large global teams
Global collaboration creates significant coordination costs. Research is showing that teams achieve the best outcomes when members feel as face-to-face as possible. (HBR)

What motivates employees across the globe?
A recent global study looked at what motivates people in different countries. What motivates employees may change, but the leadership and engagement process is broadly the same. (Fast Company)

Why learning from experience can be so dangerous
Sydney Finkelstein warns that personal experience is not always the best source of solutions for leaders. When trying something new, most people have no personal experience on how to approach the situation. (Thinkers 50)

There’s a dark side to heroic leadership, and it’s haunting most organisations
Too often, leadership thinking is focused on style over substance. More organisations are moving from ‘leader as hero’ to ‘leader as facilitator’.

Are We More Productive When We Have More Time Off?
A recent study compared the productivity of American and European senior managers, who take dramatically different amounts of annual leave. Taking time off may not increase your output, but it makes you more focused during time at your desk. (HBR)

Mentoring in precarious relationships
How would you go about mentoring your boss? Mentoring in challenging situations requires significant humility from both mentor and protégée. (Talent management)

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