Leading a cross-generational team

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Millennials now comprise nearly half of the workforce. Because of this, almost every team today is built from a cross-generational mix of employees.

In this environment it’s never been more important for leaders to understand how to lead a cross-generational team. We focus here this week, looking at how each generation has a different response to hierarchy and a generally preferred working style.

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Five Insights we gained this week about multi-generational workplaces
Two new surveys from Deloitte and PwC have delivered a range of insights about generational change in the Australian workforce. This article summarises 5 key takeaways on what generational change means for leaders. (AHRI)

Millennials and Boomers in the same workplace! How we can all get along
Leading employees of all ages has become a requirement for effective management. Initiatives such as reverse mentoring are great for breaking down barriers and building relationships across generations. (Philadelphia Business Journal)

Pitfalls to avoid when you inherit a team
Taking over a new team can be daunting. This article will help you keep the peace, whilst carving your own niche as a new leader. (HBR)

The leader’s challenge: Modelling good work-life behaviours
Part of your obligation as a leader is to set a good example for work-life balance. You must to show employees the importance of disconnecting from work. (The Hiring Site)

Stewart Butterfield of Slack: Is empathy on your résumé?
Empathy is a commonly overlooked leadership skill that helps others to develop. This interview with Stewart Butterfield highlights the business case for the empathetic leader. (NY Times)

Creative leaders create a culture where all ideas are encouraged and valued
Leaders must make sure all employees are heard. Managing By Walking Around (MBWA) is one of the easiest ways to give all employees a voice, and encourage spontaneous brainstorming. (TLNT)

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