Rethinking performance management

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Performance management is a hot topic this week, following Accenture’s announcement to get rid of performance reviews and rankings for over 330,000 employees. I’ve selected a range of articles that explore some of the main weaknesses of performance appraisals, as well as the more modern alternatives.

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In big move, Accenture will get rid of annual performance reviews and rankings
Accenture will abandon rankings and the once-a-year evaluation process for its 330,000 employees. CEO Pierre Nanterme says that the process was too costly, and was also irrelevant. (The Washington Post)

The push against performance reviews
Many companies have reformed their performance appraisal process in recent years. But organisations also need to ensure that their performance management approach is designed to minimise bias. (The New Yorker)

Performance management gets social
Performance management is increasingly being viewed as out-dated. The interesting concept of social performance management seeks to address the collaborative needs of modern businesses. (Society for Human Resource Management)

Learn this simple secret of employee motivation
According to this article, the secret of employee motivation is just one sentence long: Employees who are selected, oriented, and reinforced properly, and who are surrounded by peers of the same caliber, will thrive when given significant autonomy.” (Inc.)

Why you shouldn’t trust leaders who don’t seek advice from others
Donald Trump is proud that he makes big decisions without input from others, but he shouldn’t be. Individuals have some serious natural limitations as decision-makers. (Science of Us)

The emotional impulses that poison healthy teams
Almost everything that we do at work is done with others in groups. This article looks at some common mistakes that lead to dysfunctional teams. (Harvard Business Review)

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