The simple secret to employee engagement

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Want to know the simple secret to employee engagement? It’s all about rewarding your employees with more than just financial incentives. Employees want to feel their work is meaningful and making a difference. In this newsletter I’ve included few great articles that explore this topic in more depth.

How do you give your employees the opportunity to make a difference? I’m interested to hear your ideas, so please don’t hesitate to reply to this email.

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Rethinking work
Employees need to be adequately compensated for their work, but they care about more than just money. Above all, they want meaningful work that makes a difference in some small way. (The New York Times)

Corporate social impact initiatives make employees more loyal
Having the opportunity to give back to society is a major incentive for top employees. It makes employees feel more loyal toward the company whilst also improving engagement levels at work. (INSEAD)

The research is clear: long hours backfire for people and for companies
Overwork hurts us and the companies we work for. Not only does it cause health problems, but it also leads to leads to diminishing returns as employees lose sight of the bigger picture. (Harvard Business Review)

Why self-managed teams are the future of business
This article argues that self-managed teams are time-tested, proven and here to stay. Broad adoption of self-managed teams won’t happen overnight, but here are some tips on how to make it work in your organisation. (INC)

How stressful work environments hurt worker’s health
New research finds that workplace stress is about as dangerous to one’s health as second-hand smoke. Employers should care because better health is associated with greater productivity, among other benefits. (The New York Times)

What do high performance teams look like?
Research shows that high performing teams yield significantly greater profitability (by a factor of 20% or more). Team expert Dr. Solange Charas discusses seven key characteristics that boost team performance and profit. (Talent Culture)

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