The Talent Edition: Managing, Acquiring and Rewarding Talent

Hello and welcome to our fortnightly update of all the latest articles on leadership and high-performance teams.

A high-performance team starts with the talent of your team members, so this edition is focused on the many different aspects of talent management.

There’s great research this week on managing powerful personalities, acquiring talent and why task competence matters for leaders.

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The problem of too much talent
When individuals perform largely independent tasks, more talent leads to more performance. But in team settings, new research finds that too much talent can lead to diminished performance. (The Atlantic)

Why companies make bad hires
New research has found that 95% of companies admit to recruiting the wrong people each year. The study also reveals a fuller (and scarier) picture of the cost of a bad hire. (Fast Company)

Meritocracy without the numbers
More and more companies are moving away from the annual performance review. However abandoning quantitative reviews has led to concerns that organisations will become less meritocratic. (Strategy + Business)

Great leaders understand the fundamentals
New research suggests that a leader’s fundamental task competence predicts performance more than charisma or liveability. (Stanford Graduate School of Business)

Why you need to bridge your workforce skills gap (and how to do it)
According to a recent study, 58% of global CEOs fear that talent gaps could hinder their ability to grow. (Ere Media)

Unravelling the surprising relationship between mood and productivity
Evidence shows that negative mood is associated with reduced performance and flexibility at work. A new app is helping employees take control of their emotions. (Fast Company)

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