Female leadership: Strength and creativity

Hello and welcome to our fortnightly update of all the latest articles on leadership and high-performance teams.

Research shows that gender diversity helps companies and teams to perform better. For example, a recent study from Grant Thornton put the opportunity cost of low female board representation at a staggering £430bn.

In this edition I’ve included some new research about women in the workplace. As you may know, this is an area that I am particularly passionate about (through our Women’s Career Advancement Program).

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Can women be strong leaders without being labelled bossy?
The contradiction between needing to act as a strong leader and needing to be seen as warm and nonthreatening is a catch-22 for women. This article explores the double-edged sword that leading women face. (Stanford Graduate School of Business)

Do Leaders Assume That Female Managers Are Less Creative?
In a new study, researchers found that supervisors tended to judge female executives as less innovative than their male counterparts, even though the executives’ direct reports made no such distinction and considered the women and men similarly innovative. (Duke University)

The best leaders are constant learners
Leaders must scan the world for signals of change, and be able to react instantaneously. Personal knowledge mastery is a lifelong learning strategy to help leaders do that. (Harvard Business Review)

Personality: What you need to know to build an effective team
The Big 5 are a set of indicators that can give leaders insight and make team building easier. Understanding team members’ personalities leads to better informed leadership decisions, and a stronger and more productive business. (CEO)

Why accountability in the workplace matters
A new study found that 91% of people rank accountability as one of the top organisational development needs. In businesses with no system of accountability, things can fall apart very fast. (Talent Culture)

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