Do your performance incentives drive good or bad behaviour?

Welcome to my weekly update of the most interesting news in the world of high accountability leadership.

I read a lot about performance management, and for good reason. Effective performance management leads to a more engaged workforce and better business results.

But it’s no secret that many leaders struggle to manage employee performance. We had some great news flow this week focused on some of the core issues, including:

  • Ensuring that your rewards strategy isn’t rewarding bad behaviours
  • Managing for behaviours that lead to results
  • The impact of using discretionary rewards as an incentive

How do you hold your leaders accountable to improving employee performance? I’d love to hear how you’ve made it work.

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Do your company’s incentives reward bad behaviour?
Everyone knows that a good incentive structure can help you get the behaviours you want. But you also need to make sure that you’re not rewarding behaviours that you actually want to discourage.

HBR Blogs

The problem when managers get too fond of discretionary rewards
Discretionary rewards might not always be a good idea, writes Ann Bares. They can lead to confusion, as employees don’t know how their managers are assessing them. This leads to employees competing for a prize that is completely out of their control.


Put the company’s interests ahead of your unit’s
Enterprise leaders are those who make decisions in the interest of the organisation as a whole. But recent research reveals that although companies value ‘whole-of-enterprise’ leaders, they aren’t interested in developing them.

HBR Blogs

Managing to results isn’t enough; focus on behaviours
Driving a results-based culture can cause managers to take part in unethical or illegal activities. But leaders who focus on managing the behaviours that lead to results are more likely to improve performance and achieve their goals.

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