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Welcome to my weekly update of the most interesting news in the world of high accountability leadership.

We all know that high performing teams are central to achieving business results. This week, I’ve included a range of reads with interesting perspectives on how you can create teams that deliver results.

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7 steps to building a high performing team
Hiring well just isn’t enough to build a high performing team. Building high performing teams requires deliberate attention into identifying key gaps and planning how to fill them.

Thought Leaders LLC

Winning tomorrow’s talent battle: What really matters
Leaders at top companies recognise that talent creates value that is essential to future success. Investment in high potential talent needs to be explained by a business case that is linked to financial performance.

Thinkers 50

4 steps to increase learning and growth
Our mindset impacts the way that we approach our work. A growth mindset means that we believe that intelligence and ability can be grown. Changing from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset can be difficult, but it will increase your performance and willingness to learn.

HR Daily

The diplomatic leader: How to agree to disagree
Healthy teams will always face disagreements. It is the only way to have effective conversations and achieve great outcomes. Some good tips on managing disagreements constructively.

HC Online

Organisational culture is shaped by the behaviours you reward
How the best leaders shape their company culture by aligning recognition practices with mission and objectives.


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